Terms & Conditions

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Terms for EATOOK Company

EATOOK's Rules:

- The acceptor undertakes to provide discount services to the reputable members of the company during the term of the agreement and should refrain from any action that makes the members inaccessible.

EATOOK's Commitments:

- Creating an exclusive page for the acceptor on the site (including photo location, proper description of the acceptor's activity, terms of use of services, address, phone, map) and sharing this information on the company's social networks.

- Creating a suitable user panel for providers of goods, services, their customers, and the possibility of access to different parts of this panel to the extent required for safe buying and selling.

- Informing and advertising on sites and social networks related to EATOOK.

- Creating the possibility for any changes in the panel and communication with customers during the contract period.

In fact, by providing a professional and secure business platform, EATOOK allows the exchange of important business information between the provider and the customer.

Termination Terms:

To ensure the safety and security of trade between the parties, EATOOK has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally in case of any violation or improper service or non-fulfillment of obligations by the acceptor. Besides, in case the acceptor violates any of his/her obligations or fails to fulfill them, he/she undertakes to pay the compensation for non-fulfillment of the obligation to EATOOK Company, and the company is entitled to receive this amount.

- If either party wishes to terminate the contract for any reason, it can terminate the contract only through a written request for a maximum of 2 months.

Any notice, invitation, or statement addressed to the parties to this contract will be sent in person, either by e-mail or by Express Post via the registered address of the other party.

- If you have content that lets you upload the information on the EATOOK's website, the acceptor will be responsible for preparing and producing the information and uploading it.

The use of the webspace and the submission of any content on it must be done under the rules and regulations. If you do not pay due attention to the rules and regulations of cyberspace and use inappropriate content, copying, forgery, and violating the intellectual property of individuals, you will be held accountable and the costs and damages resulting from the breach of this obligation will be borne by the acceptor.

EATOOK continuously monitors any content posted by the recipients on the site. In case of any breach of the rules, it reserves the right to notify the acceptor of the necessary changes or, if there is an urgency for the matter, it would remove or change the violating content directly and without the need for prior consent of the acceptor. You hereby express your consent to EATOOK's actions in this regard.

EATOOK under no circumstances enters into contracts, commercial, or service transactions between users and will not have any supervision, control, and approval and hence will not be responsible for transactions.

- The term of the contract will be signed for one year period from the date of approval. In case of non-written notification of either party to cancel, up to one month before the end date, this contract will be extended automatically and with all the conditions stated in it and for a period of the same time. The extension for the next periods will be the same without any restrictions.

- The acceptor is obliged to provide its services to the users without any changes and exactly based on what has been specified in the advertisement.

- The acceptor is allowed to use the designated section of the EATOOK website to provide its goods and services to customers.

- The company does not guarantee the increase of customers and the promotion of the acceptor's sales level, however, it undertakes to use its best efforts and expertise throughout the term of the contract, by increasing the good reputation and increasing its users, to increase the sales level of services/goods subject to business aimed at increasing the sales of the acceptor.

- Only the acceptor is responsible for the quality, quantity, price, and after-sales services of the services and products that are introduced on the website for the use of customers, and the company does not take any responsibility in this regard.

- Possible complications, injuries, and damages resulting from the use of goods and products, as well as services, especially medical services, beauty, etc., introduced on the company's website, are the responsibility of the manufacturers, sellers and service providers, and the company acts only as a conciliator and the company does not take any responsibility in this regard. The acceptor acknowledges and agrees that EATOOK supervision will not, under any circumstances, create any liability to EATOOK arising from the content of the acceptors. The acceptor agrees to prevent or compensate for damages in this regard to EATOOK or to compensate for the damages incurred.

User Rules:

- All people who intend to join the website of "EATOOK" company, must read these rules in full and become members of this site with full knowledge. Therefore, people enter the website and register their personal information, using discount plans and other services offered on the site means that they have fully read/are aware of / accepted the terms and conditions of the website.

- The address, e-mail, and telephone numbers that the customer announces at the time of the registration are the only address, e-mail, and telephone number approved by the company and the user accepts responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.

- The user allows the company to send informational and advertising emails and text messages.

- The user is committed to the personal use of the card and membership code and will not give it to anyone else.

These Terms and Conditions may change over time and the continued use of the website constitutes your acceptance of any changes to these Terms and Conditions.

- The company has no obligation or responsibility towards people who use the name and identity of another person on the website and will not be responsible for these people in creating possible issues and problems after joining the site.

- The company has no responsibility for the quality, quantity, price, and after-sales service of the services and products that are introduced on the website for the use of customers.

- Complications, injuries, and possible damages resulting from the use of goods and products as well as services, especially medical services, beauty, etc., introduced on the company's website, are considered as the responsibility of the manufacturer, seller, and service provider, and the company acts only as a mediator and the company would not hold accountable in this respect.

-If the company for any reason deems the presence of a user inappropriate and undesirable, it deserves the right to remove the user access to the services of the website and the user in this regard will not be allowed to make any claims or objections

- People above 18 years old could join the website and make a transaction (purchase) on the company's site.

- The users will be responsible for all behaviors, transactions made in their account. The users are duty-bound to take precautionary measures for safeguarding the password of their account and treated respectfully by the staff of the company. It is also possible that the company asks for the user's ID when using the discount.

- "EATOOK" under no circumstances enters into contracts or commercial or commercial or service transactions between users and will not have any supervision, control, and approval and therefore will not be responsible for transactions.

We hope to meet all possible services of users in a single platform and observing the competitive conditions.